Houston: The tool to
replace Airflow

Build low-cost, scalable, platform-agnostic data pipelines
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Engineers, meet Houston

Serverless workflows

10x cheaper to run than other tools

For collaboration

Share microservices as a team


Set up in 5 minutes


Open source

Get up and running in five minutes

Example Usage

Start a local server with the default config:
houston api
Quickly run an end-to-end example workflow:
houston demo
Or use the Docker container:
docker run -p 8000:8000 datasparq/houston-redis demo

See the quickstart for a guide on how to create microservices and complete Houston missions using them: quickstart


You can download the binary from the releases page.

If you have go installed you can install with:

go install github.com/datasparq-ai/houston@latest

Why Houston?

Houston is a simpler, faster, and cheaper alternative to tools like Airflow.

API based orchestration comes with 5 key advantages:

  1. Code can run on serverless tools: lower cost, less maintenance, infinite scale
  2. The server isn't under heavy load, so can handle hundreds of concurrent missions
  3. Pub/Sub message delivery is guaranteed, improving reliability
  4. Multiple workflows can share the same task runners, aiding collaboration
  5. Task runners can run anywhere in any language, allowing for rapid development with no vendor lock-in


Please see the contributing guide.

Development of Houston is supported by Datasparq.

What should I use Houston for?

For scalability

Works great for organisations with big data teams looking for a scalable service mesh

For rapid development

Perfect for teams that need to get code into production fast

For flexibility

The obvious choice for connecting all of your services together without risking lock-in

Tom Jeffries,
AI Engineer

“Houston is the best lightweight microservice orchestration tool we’ve found.”

James Watkinson,
Engineering Director

"Houston is a cost-effective tool that our business can rely on."

Ishbel Hughes-d'Aeth,
Product Lead

"Houston enables our engineering teams to easily build scalable products."

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